Have You Ever?

Have You Ever?

Have you ever feel

Wanting to go

In a place you’ve never been?

How it feels to lay down on a rope swing

Feeling the coldness of wind?

Have you ever wanted to ever read

Those great books you haven’t yet?

And end up smiling and wondering

On how the writers portray the characters.

Have you ever been longing to watch

The movies that being  talked about?

Eating those delicious foods

From the world’s best cuisines and snacks.

Have you ever been wanting to go

To the place you’ve never had?

Wondering how it feels

To feel the feelings you didn’t have.

Have you ever been thinking and dreaming

To be someone with everything they have?

Or wondering how it feels to be with someone

Who will make you believe that dreams are not just an abstract art?

Dreams will remain dreams

If we will keep unmoving

Chase the stars and achieve everything

 Step out with “Have you ever” so you wouldn’t left with nothing .


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