Stop Sign

Stop Sign

I wanna have a long ride

Going to somewhere I don’t know;

Letting the wheels of my car got tired

Test how far it can go.


I am on my way to nowhere

As the sun have it set;

An still on that endless highway

As the sun rises from the east


I’ve been to many places

Seeing how people moves and lives;

Some, were in a hurry

Some, were just taking rest.


I’ve got amazed seeing those road signs

Telling me to go right or left;

Getting through those stop lights

Reminding me that life has a limit.


Rain, Storm then sun smiles

That was I think how the weather changes its mind;

But still I drove myself to that somewhere

That even tiredness I didn’t mind.


“It will end here” I murmured

Seeing the closed road with a sign;

It says “Stop!” with that wooden border

Preventing me to go on my ride.


I think my love  for him is like the ride I made

I still go on never minding those uncertainties;

But that borderline made me learned the limit

And it is to finally stop and love myself.


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