His 7 days of Flattery

His 7 days of Flattery

I know a heartbreaker guy

And sadly he was the man I admire.

I kept it and no one notice

When he’s around, my heart fast beats.


I think I am this stupid

Or should I say I choose to be it

Believing the goodness he keep

And wanting the world to notice it.


Now I tell you a story

The thing that happens in that 2nd week of February

How it happen from the first day

And how the seventh leaves an agony.


The first day, brings happiness

As he notice me and ask my name

The second, he asked for my number

And that night I received a message from him.


We have a friendly date at third

And said he likes me at the fourth

Court me at the fifth

And I gave in and said yes at the sixth.


The seventh was a long day

As I saw him with my best friend Marjorie

They were smiling like eternity

And that scenery breaks  me.


That night I ask my friend

Where did she have been?

She said she spent a day with her boyfriend

and told me “Next time, I’ll introduce you to him.”


I cried and cried the whole night

Like it’s my way of celebrating my stupidity;

Then wrote a poem in my diary

Entitled it “His 7 days of Flattery“.


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