The Butterfingers’s Luck

The Butterfingers’s Luck

There was a girl

Who knows no love

But believe in it

At all her might.


She travel the world

To find the man

Whom she wants to give

The key to her heart.


There was a boy

Who played so much

But now wanted to change

And find true love.


He goes to church

And pray to God

For the forgiveness

Of the heartbreaks he does.


It was a cloudy noon

Way back then

In that park

Where the story happen.


The girl accidentally drop her key

While driving her bike Pinky

When the boy saw it

And shouted “Hey, I have your key!”


She stop paddling the pedal

And turn her face to the voice owner

Got amazed by the chemistry

Of there fast heartbeats.


Both of them notice

How brilliant it is

The smiles they wear

Upon seeing each others face.


It is the luck of the butterfinger

Finding true love

In her clumsiness

And I guess it is.


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