xanthia rose

A Filipino citizen born in the land of Mindanao, that is me.

A self-proclaimed writer, blogger, singer and dancer (the last two are joke by the way hahaha). I am just a typical woman in town. I am noisy, especially when I am with my friends, yet I am at my most behaving aura when holding my pen. I love making stories, poems and everything that includes putting up the puzzles of the alphabet. Writing brings me to the world where I can see different people dealing with their different lives.

I love fashion, seeing how those city girls get-up (doing their make-up and dressed up themselves in different color and styles) but I think fashion doesn’t love me that much. Upon looking at the mirror, I always end up choosing those black stuffs (black simple cut dress, black pants, knee-leveled black skirt and black blouse and shirt) with a light and almost not to be seen lipsticks and with a simple bun or a messy hair.

As what I’ve said, I love singing but it seems that singing hated me that much. But that fact doesn’t stop me in closing my eyes and sing with the song as soon as I hear the sounds.

My life is simple like home-work-church-home routine, but I am proud to say that I am happy. Disregarding the fact that I have  a pissed-off sort of defense mechanism when I feel like crying. My friends entitled me as the “narrator in a movie marathon” because I always burst out my emotions while watching movies and unconsciously narrating the scenes.

So that’s it for today and welcome to my world!


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