The Bully

The Bully

He is the reason of my thousand hate

The way he talks, smiles and even greet

I am pissed off as he exits

The bully man that I wouldn’t forget.


He loves to crack jokes on me

Like I am the funniest girl ever live

The annoying man he is for me

Like I want to badly wreck his neck.


But one time, that one day he left a letter of goodbye

Without a word, nor even a “hi”

My head was urging me to smile

But why my heart wanted to cry.


Just when I thought I may now in peace

But sad to say I feel like broken into pieces

Then, I found out and realizes

The falling game he played and wins.


He made me hate him so I will notice him

For me to find out specially his name

But deeply I am deceived in an underground falling

To unconsciously love the man who plays the game.


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