Greatest Opponent

Greatest Opponent

I know I can make you smile
But she can make you laugh
I have patience in your mistake
But I know she can correct it.

I can understand your flaws
But she can make you new
I can wait for you
But you were waiting for her too.

I can love you like no other
I can even care
But it is her love that you’ve been longing
Wishing and even fighting for her.

How can I win you
If she is my rival
Would I still pursue it
If your love for her is my greatest opponent.


2 thoughts on “Greatest Opponent

    1. Hi, I’ve been writing since before, sort of passion I think hehehe, but it is only this month when I created this blog, I mean here in wordpress because I have also a blog site in tumblr. Oh my gosh, I don’t know what to say hahaha, I am just grateful of you appreciating my works and a big big thank you for that. 🙂 🙂 🙂 God bless 🙂


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