To the man in the future

To the man in the future

I may not know your name nor even the color of your eyes, the scents that captures your smell and even how genuine your smile. I may not see you when you were in front of me, or I may not notice you when you are just next to me. I may not be the girl you’ve been dreaming right now and you maybe not the boy that I wished to see now. I may not love the food that you loved to eat or you may not love how strong my coffee is. You may be asleep on late nights that I am still awake and maybe hate a girl who cries on horror movies. But someday, in God’s time, I will be that girl who will make you pissed, the girl who you’ll love to test your patience. The girl whom you will find interesting in movie nights or the girl who will love to pinch your nose just for you to wake up with a smile. I will be that self proclaimed chef in your kitchen and you will appreciate those foods that I cooked, even if you don’t like them. I will surely be that girl who will call at your office, just to say I love you and please keep your sight out to other women. I will be your nurse and your loving physician. And I would love to be the mother of your future children.


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