Pity Yourself

Pity Yourself

Never pity yourself

For the things you are not,

For the things you don’t have

And for the things you will never be.


Remember, God created you

Not to be perfect, but to be unique as individuals

And you deserve so much respect

Not just from others, but from your own self.


Never pity yourself

For the love and attention that they didn’t give

You are not born to be likened by everyone

But to be loved by some people who knows your worth.


Pity yourself for being selfless all the way

For disrespecting your own to pleased others.

For the moment you said yes when it should be no

And for that moment you said “it’s okay” when it doesn’t show.


Pity yourself for the time you smile when you should cry

And for the time you give-up when you should fight.

For the moment you let them hurt you inside

And for permitting them to do it all these times.


For those eerie moments when you lose yourself

InΒ  begging for love that you don’t deserve

Pity yourself as much as you can

Until the time came when you realize you can no longer can.


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