She is the girl that means my dreams

The structures of my ambition for every greatest thing.

She is the one I am ready to fight

She is my sister, the love of my life.


Promises Of Love

Promises Of Love

It was late Sunday night then

Spend a chat with the man I love

As he caresses my hair against the wind

And hugs me tight as a bear’s hug.


Gazing the stars twinkling from the universe

Singing a very familiar lullaby

A picture of an innocent happy face

shines brightly on a girl’s eyes.


I ask him “what do you mean by promises?”

He smiled and pinch my checks

Told me that it is like a seedling of a Gladiolus

Needed to be planted ones you have it.


Like the most expensive ceramics

Needed to be careful to never broke it

For like a blade of an stiletto knife

It might cause a heart to be deeply wounded.


Promises were not just words

After being said then forgotten

But like a precious gold

Being Kept and remembered.


I told him again ” can you promise me something?”

He just nod, smiled then asked me “what then?”

“Can you promise not to leave me?”

He sighed  and answered me “I can’t”.


My eyes became watery

But he hugs me tighter

He said “Promises were not made to be broken”

And if he’ll promised me, he might lied to me then.


He says life seems same with plants

It withers and dies

But one thing he vows to me

“Child, my love for you will never die”.