Blue T-shirt Man

Blue T-shirt Man

He holds her hand as if she’ll be gone

That blue T-shirt man in a restaurant

Watching him smile the sweetest it was made

As he caress her hair that softly fled.


A tear fell down in my eyes

Painted with these fake wide smiles

Asking what if I never gave up

Holding your hand until the pain stop.


But then I know that day will never come

That I would be that girl holding your hand

Accepting the fact that chances for us were gone

My beloved blue T-shirt man.



Drown in the lyrics of our favorite song

Like, I am nowhere to be found.

Thinking about you as the words slips

The man that I wanna sing with.


As I play that love song into repeat

I feel like I am still at your passenger seat

Staring at you while you drive

Until we’ve reach that memorable seaside.


You hold my hand and caress my hair

That flips happily with the summer breeze

How I love to look back to that old days

The time when I am still the one that your heart beats.

To You

To You

You are the dream I used to dream

The thought of the song, I love to sing

You are the man I ever wanted to see

The words that makes my poetry.


As you are only an abstract for now

A prayer that I always vow

I may never recognize your face

But I know in somewhere you do exist.


To you my man in the future, please be reminded

That I am always here your unknown princess

Patiently waiting and loving you always

As long as the sun sets and rises.

A Thousand

A Thousand

I can love a thousand you

And deny a thousand hurt

Just to have with you a thousand years

And a thousand memories to kept.


If hurt will be our history

then let it be the sour in my sweet

Let it be the light in my darkness

For my love for you will never fade.

Not a Stranger

Not a Stranger

Do I really know myself?

Or so I don’t

Do I know what makes me smile?

Or it was just a random thoughts

Do I cared a lot?

Or so I don’t

Like I need to be loved

Or no, I won’t.


It was maybe a test of identity

To define my emotions

Make it fully understood

And not a stranger of my own.